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About us

FastGourmet Management comes from years of experience in Hotel Trade, Revenue Management and OnLine Sells.

Selling online and Managing Reviews led us to search new innovative strategies in order to::

  • Improve clients’ satisfaction through the best add value services.
  • Transform low business in high business thanks to the optimization of costs and revenues and the management of collateral services such as Breakfast-Rooms or Cafés.

The right solution is FastGourmet, it arises from the encounter with a leader company in the high level gastronomic market. This company is composed of specialized chefs coordinated by Chef Antonio Poli, the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi’ s assistant, who introduced, for the first time in Italy, the innovative technique of long lasting cooking at low temperatures.
This method keeps intact the original and pure flavour of food, its genuinity and the high organoleptic qualities of all nutritive principles without adding neither conservants nor colorants. All products are natural, realized with top quality ingredients and with low level of salt, fats and oils, that is only one of its point of strength.

FastGourmet is the ideal solution to reach both strategies: clients will be satisfied by high quality ingredients and the hotel business will increase reducing waste of time and costs.

In other words, it means: INCREASE REVENUES, REDUCING COSTS, now it’s possible!

FastGourmet with its ready fresh top quality food allows you to:

  • Remove build up costs typical of a professional fully equipped kitchen, such as suction system, flue etc.
  • Remove cuisine steps: supplying, storage, transformation of goods, waste disposal and cleaning tools that have been used during the process of elaboration.
  • Remove surplus or waste of food.
  • Reduce working spaces to the advantage of those for the administration of food.
  • Reduce costs of supplying, storage, and cooking facilities.
  • Reduce costs of qualified personnel.
  • Be sure about the safety of ingredients and the genuinity of food.
  • Keep under control the expiration date of products and their traceability
  • Exploit rooms used only in parts of the day, such as breakfast rooms.
  • Guarantee add value sevices such as kitchen opened 24h, room service, etc… .
  • Create a restaurant without professional facilities or experts chefs working on the spot, for hotels with no kitchen;
  • instead, for those which have it, it means integrate the menus with high quality elaborate dishes which require long cooking times, too wasteful in terms of time.
  • per gli hotel con ristorante integrare il menù con piatti complessi e costosi, prodotti singolarmente e che consentano una maggiore elasticità di orari e di servizio
  • Increase the ranking on social networks, websites and OTA (such as Facebook, Tripadvisor or Booking.com)